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bedbug removal torontoInfestation caused by bed bugs is a very serious issue and needs to be looked after immediately as bed bugs bites can cause health risks are. The Pest Team has qualified technicians all across Toronto and we will visit your home the same day so that you do not have to sleep a single night with these blood sucking insects for another night. We have a specialized unit called the Bed Bugs Toronto Team that whose primary responsibility is to only deal with bed bug infestations at homes, hotels, motels, apartment building or an other place where these bugs are a risk to humans.

Bedbugs are these really small creatures that find a home in our houses. These bed bugs primary source of food is blood that comes from our family members or our pets. They range from 1mm to 5mm in size. These creatures are usually active during nighttime when it is dark and we all are sleeping. That makes it even more so difficult to detect them.

On an average each bed bug lives for about 4 -6 months but if provided with cool dam conditions then they can live for up to a year. They are usually found near our beds so that they are close to us and can get food when they desire. On an average each beg bug take about 3-10 minutes to feed on us. Which can results in huge bite marks and they are quite itchy too. By scratching these bites we can make them even worse and cause skin deceases.

It is very difficult to remove bed bugs without any professional help. Firstly bed bugs are very small in size, which can make them invisible to the human eye. Secondly if they are provided with dam place these bed bugs can live for up to year without food. Due the nature of these small creatures it makes it difficult to remove beg bugs without any professional help. So it is very important to contact professionals like pest control Toronto team for bed bugs removal and bed bugs extermination in your home. Our expert is available for same day bed bug removal service in Toronto and the rest of the GTA, click here to see our warranty.

At pest control Toronto team we believe that no house should be bed bugs home. We provide friendly, fast and result oriented services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Woodbridge, Markham, North York, Etobicoke, Milton, Oakville and entire GTA. We are the best bed bugs exterminators in the Toronto and Ontario region. The Pest Control Toronto Team’s bedbug removal services are environmentally safe because we only use pesticides that are organic and non-toxic to the environment and for your home and its inhabitants. We at pest control Toronto team make sure that your loved ones are safe from any bedbugs because we provide a guarantee for bedbugs home free for six months. We make sure that bedbugs removal is done efficiently and accurately in your home and you can once again have a full night bedbug free sleep.

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